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Find out more about my Books including the Furnace series (Escape From Furnace in the US) the Inventors series, and The Fury - a brand new stand-alone novel. There are also exclusive short stories and extracts from new books, with loads more to be added soon.

Check out the Fun Stuff section for some fun stuff! There are links to two online Furnace games (one in Polish), as well as downloadable Furnace desktops and plenty of writing tips. Don't forget to join the Fan Club for a chance to win some cool prizes! And if you want to find out more about me then take a look at my Bio and my Blog, or just get in touch!

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Beware the Fury!!

The Fury is now out in the US and the UK! There is now only one version for sale, which is a combined edition with both books - it's called The Fury in the US, and The Fury: The Director's Cut in the UK, but THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME BOOK!! It's just a naming difference. If you're in the UK and you read the separate edition of The Fury, then you can read the second part, called The Storm, as an ebook. I know it's confusing, sorry about that! But however you do it, I hope you enjoy it, and remember to stay furious!!!

Furnace is Reborn!!

The Furnace series has had a makeover in the UK! We have adopted the awesome US covers, with a slight twist. The whole series is on the shelf now, along with a brand new version of The Fury. So cool!!

Let the Execution Begin!!!

Escape From Furnace 5: Execution is now out in the States!!! It all ends here... 

The Furnace Epilogue

The Furnace 5 epilogue has been added to the site, woo-hoo!! Click here to read it, but only if you've read all five books, as it's full of spoilers!!

Meet The Night Children!!

Read my brand new novella, The Night Children, for free over at Tor.com! If you ever wondered how Warden Cross first meets Alfred Furnace, then here's your chance to find out! A terrifying, action packed Furnace story set during WWII. Read it here!

The Fury

My Latest Book…

Escape From Furnace: Execution has just been released in the UK with its brand new, absolutely terrifying cover!! :-) This means that the whole series is now available once again. And this version of Execution also has the epilogue! Alex has been through hell, and this is his final nightmare. Will he be the executed or the executioner? Who will die - Furnace, Alex or the entire human race? One way or the other, it all ends here...

The Night Children
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